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The Energy Agency St. Gallen, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and the Energy Efficiency Foundation provide free monitoring for private use.

Welcome to WP-Cockpit: We are pleased to provide the heat pump monitoring, already successfully introduced in Switzerland, also in Austria and Germany from 2022.

Is your electricity bill too high because your heat pump is using electricity unnecessarily?
07/28/2021: “The heat pump is considered a panacea for minimizing CO2 emissions in buildings. But the most commonly used version, the air-water pump, has a problem” (German language only).

Heat pumps have become significantly more efficient due to technological progress in recent years, but they are not always optimally installed, adjusted and aligned with the conditions of the respective building.

The experience of the Energy Agency St. Gallen shows that around half of the heat pumps in operation today are not performing optimally. They often achieve only half the annual performance factor and their energy efficiency is thus far below the setpoint.

Studies by the Stiftung Energieeffizienz (Foundation for Energy Efficiency) for multi-family houses show that heat pumps that are not quality-assured result in excessive heating costs of three euros per square meter of living space per year on average.

Measure now how efficiently your heat pump is working.
The WP-Cockpit shows all important characteristic values for the current year at a glance. The JAZ (annual performance factor) is the relation beetween heat output and electricity input.

Heat pumps limit emissions and costs only if minimum quality requirements are met in planning, installation and operation.

To ensure this, the web app is initially available free of charge to private heat pump owners for new systems with an electricity and heat meter.

For the measurement of efficiency, a calibrated electricity and heat meters are necessary. From these you can enter your monthly meter values by hand without additional tools.

Certified metering set for automatic meter reading

In addition to the manual monthly input of the metering data in the app form, it is also possible to obtain a certified metering set from Engelmann Sensor GmbH from e.g. installation companies, starting at approx. 500 EUR.

For automatic data acquisition, a certified metering set can be obtained from specialized companies.

The metering set with a heat and an electricity meter as well as a gateway is available for different services. It includes all necessary components for automatic data acquisition and data processing.

Bringing together years of experience in quality assurance of heat pumps

The independent WP-Cockpit initiative aims to ensure that heat pumps can adequately fulfill their important role in the energy system of the future.

The Energy Agency St. Gallen, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the Energy Efficiency Foundation have many years of experience in the quality assurance of heat pumps, which they have contributed to the development of the app.

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services by 2030.

The non-profit development of the app is done with the help of donations and volunteer work in accordance with the code of the sustainable data platform.

The measurement results collected with the WP-cockpit app are validated and made available anonymously to enable all interested parties to evaluate and optimize the efficiency of heat pumps on the basis of the data obtained.

The web app is in the development stage. We welcome your comments.