Handwerk und Energieberatung

Craft and energy consulting

For craft: Transparency as a trademark

Only through your expertise can we get climate protection and heating costs under control. Become an efficiency master with the WP-Cockpit and turn your customers into climate heroes.

For simple and automatic data acquisition, you can offer your customers certified metering sets from Engelmann Sensor GmbH.

These include one heat meter and one electricity meter as well as a gateway including a power supply unit for automatic data readout.

Available sizes:

– Heat meter: qp 1,5 / 2,5 / 3,5
– Electricity meter: single-phase / three-phase

Optional: GSM antenna (please check network availability at installation site)

For energy consultants: Improvement of consulting and quality assurance.

In 2022, energy consultants will be provided with measurement diagrams and information on warranty contracts in the professional mode.

By means of guarantee contracts, the specified annual performance factors can be bindingly fixed.

The five most important points of the contract are, in the case of heat pumps, a precise definition of the heat or hot water consumption, the specification of the annual performance factor, the definition of the measurement, the deadline for balancing the yield and the compensation mode.

A positive side effect is the possibility of decision-making based on realistic estimates of target values and planning assumptions.

Warranty contracts must be requested by the operator. As an experienced energy consultants you can adjust the boundary conditions to the respective installation situation of your client.

Function scheme
Metering Set
Side view heat meter
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